GENERAL INFORMATION: Welcome to one unique example of a new idea of communal Villas in Tuscany. Completely refurbished all throughout this villa will add a complete unique experience to your visit in this magnificent location. A combination of traditional and contemporary styles of a new way to enjoy your stay in a very different place for you to remember and enjoy. A place of complete relaxation, well being and the unique welcoming approach of the Villa’s staff will make your stay memorable.




Engulfed in a green paradise of uncontaminated nature next to a national park offering a place of pure relaxation and well being.
Surrounded with mountains, lakes and rivers on a beautiful spot right on the Tuscany border (10 minutes away from Bagno di Romagna village with shops, restaurants, bars etc..).



Structured with 30 bedrooms
all furnished in a rustic-traditional way this is not a self catering Complex.
In fact the Villa’s restaurant will offer you a fantastic choice of menus ranging from truffles, wild mushrooms, home made pasta dishes, seafood etc…Outdoor swimming pool and Horse riding facilities are part of this fantastic villa. One other main feature of this villa is also the marvellous Botanical Garden showing an amazing variety of flowers and plants from different parts of the world. Walking and horse riding excursions are organised regularly to nearby Lakes and local attractions. For children there are also a mountain bike circuits and a football pitch.


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