Gnomo Mentino’s Wood

Gnomo Mentino’s wood is a new fantasy path that winds through an oak, hornbeam and maple forest in the beautiful setting of Valbonella Tourist Centre for about a kilometer.

A pleasant walk, safe and easy (also suitable for disabled people) is embellished with colorful signs with drawings of fairy tales and the life of the gnomes, from silhouettes of the fauna of our Apennines, wooden houses, mushrooms and stone sculptures, in an extraordinary natural and uncontaminated context.

Mentino is the gnome protagonist of the path and his fantastic adventure on the Moon accompanies the visitor up to a spontaneous window that opens onto the Apennine ridges, immense and brushed by the colors of the seasons. With the nose up it seems to touch the sky and like Gnomo Mentino, you can “Touch the Moon”.

At Valbonella Tourist Centre the fairy tale becomes reality. The older ones rediscover the magical power of Fantasy and the children on the wings of a fairy tale meet the wonders of Nature. Welcome to Gnomo Mentino’s magical world, where days, months and seasons are colored with simple emotions.

– Every Sunday, at 3.00 pm
– Independent visit every day morning or afternoon (except Sunday afternoon). You can ask for the key to access at the Resort reception (identity document required)

Guided visit to Gnomo Mentino’s Wood

On reservation we make guided night tours…
the forest lights up and the fairy tale becomes reality!

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