Valbonella as Centre for Environmental Education and Sustainability

From an educational point of view, the goal of Valbonella Environmental Education and Sustainability Centre is to develop differentiated educational paths, encompassed in the “Knowledge Project”, suitable for visiting and studying the surrounding mountain areas and understanding their naturalistic meaning in its most profound aspects.


The “Knowing Project” consists of a work tool that represents only the beginning of an exploratory program, the purpose of which should not expire at the end of the proposed experience, but become the fulcrum to establish a sensitive relationship with nature, with the landscape in its historical, cultural and human value.
Starting from this premise, the “Knowing Project” aims to arouse in the students an attitude, towards the environment, respectful and “curious” at the same time, giving the green light to the following deepening of knowledge.

For this last purpose, through educational didactic cards, multiple study itineraries and a careful guided exercise work are offered, which enable the pedagogical knowledge acquired to be conveyed in practice.

The Centre has:

  • Officinal plant garden

    with over 123 species.

  • Laboratory
  • Herbarium room
  • Olfaction Library
  • Professional telescope
  • Wood oven for bread making
  • F.I.S.I.O.

    system with maps for Orienteering

  • Cinema hall

    for documentary films, etc. during the evening

  • Audiovisual material
  • Mineral cabinets
  • Collection of arthropod-insects

All to complement the lessons taken.

In conclusion, Valbonella Tourist Centre, aims to offer a wide choice with diversified programs, to meet the particular needs required by an educational trip, at the most favorable economic conditions and thus allow an increasing participation of students in study holiday stays.